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  1. Student Login Help 

    1. Can't Login-Begin Here
    2. How can I reset my ANGEL (PANTHER ID) password?
    3. What is my ANGEL (PANTHER ID) user name?
    4. New Students
    5. How do I sign up for the SUNY NY-Alert system?
  2. Help Desk Support  

    1. Fastest Way to Contact the Help Desk
    2. I need to contact the Help Desk by phone
    3. Help Desk location
  3. Gmail  

    1. Google Docs Overview
    2. Add Google Maps in Calendar Events
    3. What is a Draft Message
    4. How to install google drive on mobile device
    5. How to install gmail on your mobile device
  4. Printing 

    1. How Student Printing Works
    2. Student Printing Problem in the Lab
  5. Email 

    1. Student email won't load/Freezing
  6. Zero-Client 

    2. Banner asking you download/Update Java
    3. Access your desktop remotely
  7. Computer Labs 

    1. Computer Labs Locations and Hours
    2. How to schedule computer labs
  8. Faculty and Staff Accounts Help 

    1. How to apply for a Faculty/Staff email account
    2. How to apply for a Faculty/Staff network account
    3. To apply for Faculty/Staff Banner account:
    4. Forgot Password
  9. Faculty LMS (ANGEL) Help 

    1. Angel/Online Course Helpdesk Support
    2. Back up Course
    3. Merge two course rosters
    4. Quick Faculty Resource links
  10. Blackboard 

    1. Student log in help
    2. Help Desk Support
  11. VoIP Phones (Alcatel-Lucent) 

    1. Ordering New Phone/Line
    2. Phone Support (Alcatel-Lucent Phones)
    3. MyTeamwork Quick Guide (Alcatel - Lucent Phones)
  12. Wireless network (Wi-Fi) 

    1. Student Wireless Network
    2. Faculty Wifi Configuration (PC)
    3. Faculty Wifi Configuration (MAC)
    4. Student Wifi Configuration (PC)
    5. Student Wifi Configuration (MAC)
  13. Discounted Software 

    1. Faculty Discounted Software
    2. Student Discounted Software
  14. Software Help 

    1. Help with Mathematica
  15. All articles 

    1. Computer Labs Locations and Hours
    3. How to apply for a Faculty/Staff email account
    4. Angel/Online Course Helpdesk Support
    5. Faculty Discounted Software
    46 articles 

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